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KING-MED Thought:

1.KING-MED's core competitiveness: build up the effective and high-quality group.

2. Our great wealth: serious, responsible and effective staff.

3. Our requirement: to respect knowledge, respect individuality, collective struggle.

Commercial Behavior Standard    

KING-MED aimed to pursuit the profit, so as to realize our value. At the same time, the company management standards required that all employees should obey a high level of professional moral behavior, must be professional and strive for excellence, be responsible to customers and society.

Working Environment

KING-MED provide the favorable environment for employees, help employees to realize their potential skill. Make sure our employees working under a better environment is our guiding principle. In the star up period of our company, we certainly can’t provide the superior office environment and working conditions now, but by everyone’s struggle we are going to change this situation soon.

Company Training

KING-MED have series course for staff to learning, we provide many training to our staff and customers, including company culture training, working skill training, products training and also for the customers, etc.                   

In order to get our new employees easier to adapt to corporate culture, we provide a series course for them to learn the corporate culture, product knowledge, marketing skills, and product development standards. For different positions and the character of work, it’s about one month to three months to finish the training.

We improve the training program continuously. It includes management and technology two aspects. Different level of professional qualification and classes will have different training plan to help our employee develop their career.

In addition to provide employees with a variety of training resources, help them to self-improvement, we targets to build up capacity and qualification system with technology of the employee appraisal within two years.

Career Development

KING-MED have the management and technology two promotion channels. by the continuous skills updated with the marketing demand, we hope that we could provide a bright development space for our employees.


We pay great attention to the importance of communication and the exchange. In the bridge of the communication, team work gets more effective, we clear up the misunderstanding, conflict and dissatisfaction between colleagues and company to build up a very friendly and stronger family.