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A. Telephone orders:
Please direct call 0755-29008612, working period: 8:00 to 18:00 PM (Beijing / East 8 Time).

B. Fax order:
Please direct call 0755-29008442. Our fax can accept orders for 24 hours, but orders received after 4 PM on Friday will be postponed to next Monday.

C. Electronic mail order:
Order can be sent directly to Emai(INFO@SZLONTEK.COM) or MSN (king-medical), but the orders received after 3 PM on Friday afternoon will be postponed to next Monday.

When ordering, please clearly indicate the ordered products model, machine type, name, specification, quantity, unit price and shipping address, contact person, telephone information of your company. 

the total amount less than 2,000 yuan customers need to bear the expense of freightage.


If you want to pay the money to our account directly, please consult our sales by dialing 0755-28071221 to confirm the account information first, and kindly prepare the order number, in this way we can confirm you quickly. Please indicate the order number when you pay, it will convenience for both of us to check the value amount whether same to the purchase order.

And if there are some excess charge for additional remittance cost, should be paid by your site, to make sure the received amount same to the orders. 

The following account for the statutory account of our company:

Account No: SHENZHEN King-Med Technology Co., Limited



Above account is legal, which have been paper remarked in writing and signed by general manager with the company chop. If there are any changes, we will inform our customer in a formal written fax, please take care that any oral notice for account information changed is invalid, or if there are economic losses, we won’ undertake any responsibility.


All products returned to our company, no matter what any purpose or reasons, there must have clearly marked on the outside or inside the box, should include below:
A complete return address;

The contact name;

Contact phone number;

Retreat authorization (RMA) number;

(This number can be gained through the company’s customer service line: 0755-29008612, or email:INFO@SZLONTEK.COM, the RMA number is valid for 30 days, if not received the goods within 30 days, we will delete this number).


A. Will reject all parcel it there are no RMA number.
B. If the customers still no report about the missing goods after receipt of the goods within three days, the company will not undertake any responsibility.
C. Without the company's permission, please not to using freight at destination payment account of our company. otherwise, we won’t undertake any resulting cost;
D. If the reason of return caused by customers, the cost will paid by customer site.