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2016 China Medical Equipment Show on Vietnam International Trade Exhibision

Release time: 2016-11-11

VIETNAM (ho chi minh) international trade fair (one EXPO) is by the socialist republic of VIETNAM department of trade and industry, held annually in order to bring to the promotion of domestic and foreign enterprises and various trade organization smooth condition development business relations of cooperation, expand the market, development, production, management, import and export activities, at the same time, the exhibition is enterprises to introduce new products, new technology a good opportunity.

The 13th in 2015 VIETNAM (ho chi minh) international trade fair (one EXPO 2014) has been held in the grand convention and exhibition centre, sai kung, ho chi minh city and received a good success, on-site exhibition area of 7000 square meters, 450 companies in more than 500 booths from: Cambodia, China, Indonesia, South Korea, myanmar, Russia, Taiwan, VIETNAM, Turkey, Malaysia, and other more than 10 countries and regions to participate in the EXPO.Visit attracted 15060 buyers.In 2015, the exhibition site for 4 days have an endless stream of buyers to negotiate.Another scene and a south Korean zone, exhibitors displayed by south Korean groups, attracted many buyers to visit.During the exhibition, the organizing committee also organize the exhibitors to visit ho chi minh's largest investment in the development of industrial zone, make enterprise more understand the economic situation of Vietnam, the market demand.

Medical products, medical equipment and instruments, medical consumables, rescue equipment, diagnostic equipment and supplies, ophthalmic instruments and equipment, otolaryngology, dental equipment and consumables, dental supplies and equipment, medical reagent and equipment, prosthetics and rehabilitation equipment, medical health care products and equipment, medical institutions and laboratory equipment, medical information and technology exchange, beauty equipment, etc.
Pharmaceutical products: all kinds of proprietary Chinese medicine, western medicine, drugs, specific, all kinds of active pharmaceutical ingredients, chemical pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical intermediates, biotechnology pharmaceutical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, herbs, etc.
Pharmaceutical equipment: production equipment and technology, medicine, packaging equipment, packaging materials, pharmaceutical production, cleaning and disinfection configuration system, etc.